About the sleep coach

I have been where you are, exhausted, frustrated, desperate, and torn between not wanting to let my baby cry it out but not knowing what else to do.

I started googling gentle methods to help my toddler sleep more soundly. I ran across the sleep lady shuffle and it sounded like it could work...maybe. My daughter was a very alert baby and we struggled with sleep from the day she was born. We ended up in a bed sharing, nursing all night situation. While I loved the cuddles, I was desperate to be able to put her to bed easily and be able to leave the room so I could enjoy my evening. 

I read Kim West's book Good Night Sleep Tight and we decided to give it a try. We decided to hire one of Kim West's certified gentle sleep coach to walk with us on our journey. I can tell you with 100% certainty that this coach and this method changed our life!

We noticed improvement within the first few nights and by 2 weeks she was largely sleeping through the night! We still had some issues with early rising but after a couple more weeks she was going to sleep easily and happily, sleeping 11+ hours and waking up refreshed and happy! I was stunned!

I learned so much from our sleep coach and I began to share what I learned with friends. They started to notice improvements as well. I became passionate about helping tired parents learn to help their babies and children to sleep better. A year after our initial sleep learning I decided to seek out the amazing 12 week training program to become a certified gentle sleep coach. The training Kim West provides is top notch!

My ultimate goal as a sleep coach is to help you meet your goal. I will do that by providing you with information on sleep basics, alerting you to any possible underlying medical issues, and collaborating with you on a sleep plan you feel comfortable with.